Web Standards Update

The Web Standards are a set of guidelines that govern the creation and revision of NIU websites. They help us provide a consistent user experience for our visitors. Each year, the Web Team and Web Steering Committee review and update the standards. This ensures that they’re aligned with changes to law and university policies, as well as industry best practices.

The Web Steering Committee recently approved the latest version of the standards. Here are some of the main changes:

  • Section 1.2: Explains the roles in our new Cascade access plan: coordinator, contributor and manager.
  • Section 2.1: Clarifies what documents must go through Clearinghouse review before being uploaded to an NIU website. This is primarily outward-facing documents with a large audience.
  • Section 3.1: Contains additional guidance regarding copyright. You must have written permission to include copyrighted content on an NIU website.
  • Section 5.1.5: Clarifies that tables shouldn’t be used for layout. The Web Team can help create an accessible table or another layout to best present your content.
  • Section 5.8.1: Explains what files and documents can be posted to NIU websites and provides alternate solutions.
  • Section 5.9.5: Discusses how to use Canto, the new image library.
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