Brian Walk

Welcome from the Director

Brian Walk, Director, Web Strategy and Services

Brian WalkIn the past 18 months, the NIU Web Team has transformed our mission, our structure and our ability to serve the entire NIU community. Our goal is to ensure that the collective web presence is focused on user experience and the recruitment of students, with a consistent voice that is aligned with our university brand.

  • Our website conversion process was developed to make the transition from our older web design templates to our newer, mobile-friendly template more efficient, consistent and accountable
  • Our Web Update Request Form is available to assist with managing web site content, whether you have completed training and have access to your own site/s or not
  • Our Level 1 training program was created to help ensure all NIU website managers have the knowledge they need to keep their sites up to date, on message and in our standards

We will continue to offer our instructor-led Phase 1 and Phase 3 trainings each month, based on demand. Our annual refresher training is now up and running as well.

Since October of 2016, we have converted more than 45 websites from their older templates and themes to our latest, we are processing an average of 60 web update requests per week and we have been provided training to nearly 200 Cascade users across campus.

We recently hosted two Open Lab Workshops where we presented on topics of interest to those who manage web sites and content including an overview of our latest version of Cascade CMS, a short demo on our improved web calendar system and a preview of our revised web standards to be released later this spring.

I appreciate the work you all do as well! I encourage you to stay engaged with us through our Cascade User Group and other communications, including this newsletter. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at

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