Web Updates Quarterly Newsletter – January 2019


Are Your Webpages Accessible?

As someone who maintains or creates content for an NIU website, it’s important for you to know about web accessibility. Since NIU is a state institution, we’re required to make sure that our websites are accessible to people with disabilities.

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Is Your Content Accessible?

In a previous post, we went over some general guidelines about web accessibility. Now let’s look at how to make some different kinds of content accessible.

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NIU Online: A New Home for NIU’s Online Programs

Demand for online education is increasing, and NIU is rising to the occasion. In August 2018, the university launched a website devoted to its online programs, which have been growing in number. In addition to informational pages on each program, NIU Online contains content tailored to the interests of online learners, such as financial aid and support services.

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Web Training: Winter 2019

The web team invites you to register for Phase 1 and Phase 3 sessions in our web training program this winter.

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Site Launches: Fall 2018

The web team launched, converted or refreshed the following websites from September to December 2018:

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